How it works

1. First Step
Use the contact form for the first point of contact. If you have a current site or location you are contemplating placing your Thornton Modular building
2. Talk with us
Once we receive your contact form we will contact you to discuss the stages of your new modular building/s and a relevant fees to progress your project.
3. Check planning laws in your area
When you discuss your project with us we will be able to work out what planning permission is required. We can then instruct you on what steps to take or we can act on your behalf.
4. The Design
If we get the right tick boxes filled from planning in your area we can then discuss your modular building specified around you and your needs and cost. You can pick the finishes, layouts and much more, this is the stage that makes Thornton Modular unique
5. Place the order
Your planning permission will have been granted. At this stage you will sign an agreement and pay any additional outstanding fees
6. Manufacturing
We will work on creating your Thornton Modular building at our manufacturing HQ. All final detailing will now be finalised. Manufacturing will depend on the building Design and Size.
7. On Site and Site preparation
While your modular home structure is getting created contractors will commence ground works. We will notify service providers to commence where necessary. If instructed we can as part of the service carry out all Site preparations.
8. Onsite assembly
Once all preparation is carry out we will then carry out the Site assembly of your Bespoke Thornton Modular Build.
9. Completion
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